Sauce Bunk Bed Women's T-Shirt

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Some rod picks you up at the team bar. She brings you back to her dorm. Next morning, she is up early and heads to the library. You skip class as usual and sleep in. Before you know it, you need to find a bathroom bad. Feels like ACDC is playing Thunderstruck in your head and your brain feels like a raisin. You search all over her floor for the men's bathroom, but have no luck. You run desperately back to her room and find a cup to open the gates. Once you clear your pipe, you start flexing in the mirror checking out how jacked you are, just like a scene out of the movie American Psycho. Why not let a huge gas bomb rip too? All of a sudden you hear a cough an notice her roommate has been on the top bunk watching you the whole time. You grab your clothes and make a run for it...awkward. Features:
50% cotton, 50% polyester