Why Are Vintage Jerseys So Cool?

No Jerseys Are As Great As The Ones From The Good Old Days
October 25, 2018

Why Are Vintage Jerseys So Cool?

By IJ Blog Contributer, @MatthewWords
No matter the sport, officially licensed jerseys with a retro theme are always popular. The more rare or unique, the better. In hockey for example, when the Carolina Hurricanes announced that they would be sporting an old school Hartford Whalers hockey jersey, the internet almost blew up. While the Whalers were never a great team on the ice, they had a loyal following, almost emitting a sort of lovable losers type of aura. The classic green with the topped off 'W' is a big seller on IceJerseys, and we expect that trend to continue this season. 

Elsewhere, the Milwaukee Brewers brought back their iconic glove logo, much to the delight of the baseball hat-loving world. Forget the fact that the Brew Crew has never won a title, this nostalgic look was a huge departure from the plain old 'M' that has donned Milwaukee baseball caps for a while now. 

So why do we love this stuff? The answer is simple. First, for many, it harkens back to their childhood. You will always associate great memories and the moment you first fell in love with a sport with the jersey of that era. It's just a fact. It's why rarely does a retro jersey not get welcomed by a given fan base. 

The funny thing is, what some consider to be the modern, regular pro sports apparel for a given team, others will eventually consider it retro once it's been replaced and brought back at a later date. The cycle goes on and on. 

So even though the Whalers were generally a disappointment as a franchise from the standpoint of wins and losses, the NHL jerseys will live on... and on.... and on! 

The cool thing is that you can go even more retro by having IceJerseys custom stitch on a name from the near-glory days of Hartford pro hockey. So whether it's Ron Francis or Kevin Dineen or even Dave Babych, you can get even more specific and old school than by simply buying the Whalers jersey


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