What Is IJPro Jersey Customization?

Jersey Customization As The Players Wear On-Ice
September 21, 2018

What Is IJPro Jersey Customization?

Finding a place to customize a hockey jersey isn’t exactly the most difficult thing in the world. There are many different companies out there that offer this service. However, the difficult is finding the a place that does it the right way. Well, considering the fact that you’re currently reading this blog, you’re in luck! You have finally found a place that doesn’t just offer customization on jerseys. Here at IceJerseys.com, we believe that our IJPro Customization service is the very best out there. I’m sure anyone reading this is asking the same question;

So, What exactly is IJPro Customization?

Well it’s a good thing you asked! IJPro Customization is what we call our jersey customization process. While there are many places out there in world that offer a customization service, not all are the same. At IceJerseys, we take great pride in offering what we believe to be the very best jersey customization service offered anywhere. So, how exactly do we stand out among the rest?

Authentic Hand-Sewn Customization

All of our customized jerseys are authentically hand-sewn in house by our professional sewing team members. We do not simply heat press the numbers onto a jersey and leave it as such. Each layer of twill is sewn individually on the jersey in order to maximize the quality.

Authentic Pro Twill Materials

You know that plastic-y type material that you would see in pre-customized jerseys that you would see in stores? The one that looks cheap and just flat out not very good? Well, all of the materials used during out IJPro Customization process are 100% authentic pro twill that is comparable to what the pros wear on the ice. You will not find any cheap, plastic-like material here!

Authentic Pro Fonts

All fonts that we use for our customization are 100% authentic pro fonts. We only use fonts that 100% match the jersey that they are being placed on.

Precision & Accuracy

As we said, we take pride in offering the very best jersey customization service out there. This includes paying attention to finest details. Our production team takes their time with each and every jersey, in order to ensure that each number, letter and name are placed precisely where they need to be to match as they were/are worn on the ice. This includes aspects such as correct, straight and centered placements.

Fabric (Not Twill!) Name Bars

Many places will use twill material for name-bars, simply because it is cheaper than using fabric. While that may save a few bucks, we care much more about the quality of the jersey customization! Most professional hockey teams use fabric name-bars (there are some exceptions) so that’s exactly what we do! The only time we would ever use a twill namebar is if fabric is not available.

Authentic Customization as Worn On-Ice by the Player

As you could probably tell from the previous points, the quality of our jersey customization is comparable to what you would see a professional hockey player wear on the ice. We believe that we offer the very best and are sure that you would agree with us if you saw one of our jerseys!

While I can go on and on explaining and raving about our IJPro Customization, visualizing it will really show you all that I discussed above. The following images show you the quality of our customization compared to our competitors. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and get your very own IJPro Customization customized jersey!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us