The Up And Comers - NHL Edition

On Their Way Up!
November 19, 2018

The Up And Comers - NHL Edition

By IJ Blog Contributer, @MatthewWords
Some consumers of officially licensed NHL jerseys and other gear will be loyal to their hockey team and never stray. While others will gravitate to winning franchises. So we at IceJerseys thought it would be fun to rank the top 3 up and coming NHL teams. This way, if you buy a jersey or a team hat, you'll feel cool and trending a lot longer. 

Carolina Hurricanes

Yes, they traded away Jeff Skinner in the off-season. But the Canes are playing some fun, fast hockey right now with Sebastian Aho leading the way. Aho is a rising star who is among the scoring leaders. Hurricanes gear should start to fly off the shelves with trendy buyers. All this team really needs is experience and a better answer in nets, and they'll be a Stanley Cup contender for many years to come. 

Calgary Flames

Another team in need of a goaltender, they too play fast and exciting. Calgary has a young core of worthy jersey-buying players like Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan and Matthew Tkachuk. Sure, they play in a tougher conference. But that will make them more battle-tested in the long run. You can feel confident that a Flames gear purchase will be cool for a long time. 

Vegas Golden Knights

Sure, they are already a team with recent success. But they've struggled out of the gate in 2018-2019 and many hockey fans are wondering if Golden Knights gear is something worth buying down the road. The answer is yes. Vegas has many upcoming prospects and draft picks. They are poised to be competitive for a very long time.

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