The Hottest Teams Right Now For Sports Apparel

Drop it like it's hot?
November 23, 2018

The Hottest Teams Right Now For Sports Apparel

By IJ Blog Contributer, @MatthewWords
You either have it or you don't. Some teams are just sexy right now, worthy of your hard earned money. Whether it's a hockey jersey or a football hat, we've put together THE definitive list of the 5 most appealing teams in pro sports. The accent is on winning and having a future. So don't expect the fading Blackhawks to be on this officially licensed apparel hot list. 

  1. Vegas Golden Knights

They're not as dominant as they were last year. But the Knights are set up for success. Featuring a young nucleus, a plethora of prospects and the coolest home city to play in, you'll never be called uncool for buying Knights gear. 

  1. Boston Celtics

Sure, it's an older team with a winning tradition. Plus, they've had some struggles this season. Yet, no one in their right mind expects Boston not to be a contender by season's end. With elite talent, a simple uniform scheme and a sports town used to winning, you're good to go if you purchase anything Celtics. 

  1. Los Angles Rams

 They've been dominant for a couple of seasons now. The Rams have a young coach and QB, and a tremendous running back in Todd Gurley III. You can go vintage or new school, and look great rocking their colours. 

  1. New York Yankees 

A timeless, chic, cool team to support. From the iconic baseball hat logo to the traditional pin stripes, the Yankees will always be popular. But with young sluggers like Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres, they're set up to be good for a long, long time. 

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning

I know, you can't believe that the Bolts made this list. Well, get used to it. Tampa is a thriving hockey market in Florida. That alone is cool and unique. They have a strong core, recent regular season success and a kick-ass logo. Plus, if you wear their NHL jerseys, you're bound to get a few comments. I say go for it. 

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