Should You Wear A Signed Jersey To A Game?

This is an easy one...
March 11, 2019

Should You Wear A Signed Jersey To A Game?

We hear this question a lot: Should I wear my signed jersey to the game?  The professional response to this question may seem a little harsh, but the straight answer is simple; no. You should NOT wear your signed Maurice Richard jersey to the Bell Centre to see the a Habs game.

I’ve actually seen it, and it was disturbing enough to consider calling JPS (Jersey Protective Services) to visit this clueless fan in section 117 and teach him a lesson. Perhaps confiscating the $1200 piece of memorabilia on his back would act as deterrence to others considering doing the same. Maybe not. I didn’t call JPS, mostly because they're not a real thing, but I would have loved to find the jersey a safe home. Somewhere it’d be valued instead of put in the line of mustard fire, you know? A place where the jersey would be framed or at least properly stored, where the only threat is the sun, not flying beers.

If a player, especially one of that magnitude, took the time to carefully inscribe their name to the jersey, I see it as blatant act of disrespect to that individual. Double disrespect if the player happens to be deceased, which The Rocket is. Also, unless you plan on wearing the jersey with the tags dangling off your arm, removing them significantly devalues the jersey.

The Exception - The Ironic No-Value Jersey

Each team has a player or two in their franchise’s history that became an ironic (that’s ironic, not iconic for you fast readers) pick as far as jerseys go. To stay on the Canadiens theme, retired forward Jan Bulis comes to mind. A signed Jan Bulis jersey carries little to no value. I’m actually going to go out on a limb and suggest the jersey LOSES value with his autograph on the back. Wearing his signed jersey to a game becomes a joke and no hazard, big or small, can negatively affect it. A ketchup stain would actually add to the irony and overall humor.

The Counter-Argument

“Let them do whatever makes them happy - To each their own!” Nah. Is it okay for one fan to sit in a state of oblivious happiness while others nervously watch from afar? Would the opinion be the same if someone were to stand in the middle of the street, hovering a bag of $20 bills over a fire? That just wouldn’t fly, so why should we accept it when it comes to fans wearing signed jerseys to games?

All this to say, if anyone is willing to launch JPS, you have our full support!

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