5 Terrifying Ice Hockey Injuries That Also Resulted In A Ruined Jersey

July 12, 2019

5 Terrifying Ice Hockey Injuries That Also Resulted In A Ruined Jersey

By IJ Blog Contributer, Regina Jones
Injuries in ice hockey are a big part of the sport. And like any other sport ice hockey has seen some horrific injuries in its long history. In this list, we take a look at five terrifying ice hockey injuries that also resulted in the player's jerseys getting ruined.

1) Richard Zednik's sliced neck

In 2008, Richard Zednik found himself receiving an errant skate from teammate Olli Jokinen.

Jokinen was knocked down in a collision, causing his skate to come up. It hit Zednik on the neck, severing Zednik's carotid artery. Blood immediately gushed from the wound staining Zednik’s white Florida Panthers jersey and leaving a trail of blood on the ice as the injured forward skated to the bench on his own. It was a close escape as the skate almost hit his jugular vein.

2) Clint Malarchuk's severed artery

Clint Malarchuk’s name inevitably pops up in discussions about scary ice hockey injuries, because his was a very gruesome one. Malarchuk’s famous injury in March 1989 was a severed artery that came about after getting hit in the neck by St. Louis Blues forward Steve Tuttle’s skate blade. It was so bad that three players on the ice vomited upon seeing it. Television broadcasters even asked the camera crew to cut away from the bleeding Buffalo Sabres goaltender. The Sabres’ athletic trainer Jim Pizzutelli got to Malarchuk quickly in order to help stem the bleeding, but not before he had covered the upper part of his white Sabres jersey crimson red.

3) Jacques Plante’s gash on his nose

The Montreal Canadiens’ Plante is widely credited for pioneering the use of the goaltender’s mask. Unfortunately he was only able to wear it after he got hit in the face with a puck after an attempt on goal by New York Rangers’ Andy Bathgate. The puck broke Plante’s nose, and opened a deep gash on his face. He returned later in that game, with the top part of his white Canadiens jersey stained in blood. He was wearing a mask, too. Ultimately, Plante’s coach, Toe Blake, finally gave him the go-ahead to wear the mask every game. This was the injury that helped change ice hockey’s safety standards, making his broken nose and ruined jersey worth it for everyone else in the league.

4) Borje Salming’s sliced face

In a 1986 playoff game against the Detroit Red Wings, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Salming caught a skate blade across the face. Salming had taken a tumble and was lying down when the Red Wings’ Gerard Gallant inadvertently stepped on the Swede’s face. The freak accident opened a long, deep gash, from which blood poured incessantly. The gash took 200 stitches to close. The blood stained jersey couldn’t be saved.

5) Eddie Shore’s ripped ear

Legend has it that in 1926, Boston Bruins coach Art Ross instructed Billy Coutu to test Shore in practice. The two went at it, culminating in a wild fight that knocked Coutu out cold. Shore, on the other hand, had his ear (accounts are unclear as to which) nearly ripped off by Coutu’s stick causing him to bleed over his training jersey. Legend also has it that Shore had his ear sewn back in place without anesthesia.

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