2018-19 NHL adidas Alternate Jerseys

Your Guide To The New NHL Third Jerseys
October 12, 2018

2018-19 NHL adidas Alternate Jerseys

The return of the alternate third jerseys to the mix has NHL fans excited at the prospect of getting their hands on their team's new adidas 2018-19 alternate jersey.

While some are admittedly nicer than others, each and every new alternate jersey is a breath of fresh air. From the Ducks and Coyotes bringing back old classics to the Canes and the Jets opting for all new looks, the 2018-19 NHL season will be getting a definite boost in aesthetics.


Thanks to adidas, the following teams will be rocking new third alternate jerseys all season long! Here is an overview of the new 2018-19 NHL third jerseys.

Anaheim Ducks Alternate Jersey

The Ducks third jersey is a combination of a classic and modern. Featuring the fan-favorite logo on the team's inaugural season, the Ducks third jersey is a winner. 

 Anaheim Ducks Alternate Jersey

Arizona Coyotes Alternate Jersey

Kachina, Kachina! The Coyotes have made fans VERY happy with the introduction of their third jersey. A throwback to the early days following the franchise's move from the Peg, this classic jersey is quite possibly the nicest ugly jersey in sports history. Man, the 90's were something, eh?

Arizona Coyotes Alternate Jersey

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey

The Flames have gone back to a familiar design that we've seen in recent years that dates back to the 80's. It's a sleek, classic look that relies on a strong red and gold to pop on the ice. And boy does it pop. These jerseys look as good in 2018 ad they did in '89. 

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey

Carolina Hurricanes Alternate Jersey

Not only did the Canes unveil a third alternate jersey, but they threw a serious curve ball at hockey fans when they announced that the old Whalers jersey would be brought back for a limited time this season. While the alternate is underwhelming at best, the news of the return of the Whale made up for any disappointment felt from the thirds. The green Whalers jersey is a favorite of most jersey collectors, and there's good reason for it. 

Colorado Avalanche Alternate Jersey

The Avs return to the third jersey they wore only a few seasons ago before the switch-over to adidas. It's different, it's got serious punch and it works. It was a customer-favorite when they first used the Reebok version and this new one has also been very well-received. 

Colorado Avalanche Alternate Jersey

Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Jersey

The Blue Jackets have also gone back to their Reebok alternate jerseys from a few seasons ago. The mixture of navy and cream is awesome and with this jersey comes a cool font for the names and numbers on the back. This franchise is a bit of a mess when it comes to mascots, but their jersey game in definitely on point.

Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Jersey

Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey

Throwing it back all the way to 2017, Edmonton will be wearing their good old blue jerseys for part of the 2018-19 campaign. It's nice, but nothing special. 

New Jersey Devils Alternate Jersey

Not listed as an official third alternate jersey, the Devils are bringing green back into the mix with their anniversary throwback threads. Another absolute classic, this one has jersey fans, and fans of the game in general, very pumped.  

New Jersey Devils Third Jersey

New York Islanders Alternate Jersey

The Boys from Brooklyn - they're still in Brooklyn, right? - are going to be wearing a large NY on their chests this season. Their 2018-19 alternate jerseys look similar to the ones they wore outside as part of the 2014 Stadium Series. We'll be honest - We were REALLY hoping for some Fisherman action.  

New York Islanders Alternate Jersey

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey

Cool jerseys but Gritty stole the show for the Flyers. Buy your Gritty jersey here! 

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Jersey

This one is tricky. The Pens are going back to their old gold jerseys for the 2018-19 season, but something's missing... Do you see it? Or well, not see it?

Pittsburgh Penguins Third Jersey

San Jose Sharks Alternate Jersey

Back in black, the Sharks chose to return to their alternate roots with an all black third resembling one they've worn in recent years. It's classy, that's for sure. With so many others going back to 80's and 90's looks, we'd have loved to see a retro Sharks jersey. Maybe one day soon...

San Jose Sharks Alternate Jersey

St. Louis Blues Alternate Jersey

When the Blues hit the ice for the 2017 Winter Classic, we were treated to some of the nicest jerseys we've seen in a while. Sad to see them go last year, most jersey collectors were hoping for an adidas revival for this season and fortunately, their wish was granted. The combination of blue, cream and gold is a winner and if you disagree, well then, we can't be friends.

St. Louis Blues Third Jersey

Washington Capitals Alternate Jersey

The Caps went back to the cupboard for this season's third jersey, opting to use the same one they had a few years back. No complaints though. It's a sweet jersey and a classic too.  

Washington Capitals Third Jersey

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey

When news broke that the Jets would be wearing an alternate for the 2018-19 season, everyone thought it was a no-brainer; VINTAGE! Well, good thing Vegas wasn't taking bets, because the Jets threw everyone through a loop with their new jersey, including us. They didn't just go back in time - they went wayyyyy further back than anyone expected. But hey, once done up with names and numbers, it actually looks really crisp on the ice.

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey 


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