Sauce Yellow Card T-Shirt
Sauce Yellow Card T-Shirt

Sauce Yellow Card T-Shirt

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This is for the guy who has zero integrity when it comes to the pre-game soccer match aka sewer ball. Granted the game is called sewer ball and being somewhat slimy is part of the protocol, but this guy would gladly donate his first born if it meant he could slip through the cracks and stay in the game longer than his skill level should allow. When it comes to complaining or flopping this guy looks like a carbon copy of an actual FIFA world cup player, but not near the ability. If you're the YELLOW CARDG gladly take it, spruce up your skills, or else you'll find that yellow turning red before you know it and the bike might be a more suitable warm up plan.
- 50% Poly, 50% Cotton
- Minimal shrinkage
- Machine Wash

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